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some people were born today. hello babies welcome to the earth. you missed a bunch of stuff while you were busy not existing. jbiebs did some things you would not believe

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38/400 wolf era pics
38/400 wolf era pics
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pen pals with benefits

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Baekhyun's line in Overdose
Baekhyun's line in Overdose
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nice people are rare we must protect them at all costs

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sehun partying hard w/ his bathmates feat. awkward tao 

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“do not make
out of people.
this will leave you
and sad,
missing arms that
cannot hold
hearts with
shaky foundations.”
— Home (Michelle K)
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i don’t know why i find suho on a small bike  is so amusing
i don’t know why i find suho on a small bike  is so amusing
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Hey guys, hope your skin is clear and you get a text from someone you like real soon.

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